[NAFEX] Status report

Lucky Pittman lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu
Fri Jun 20 16:20:54 EDT 2003

White(M.alba) mulberries are done, as are Collier and Wellington, but 
Illinois Everbearing is still going strong.  Having a hard time beating the 
birds to 'em, though, but my 9-yr old daughter is honing her tree-climbing 
skills in it this year, so at least someone is getting some.
Evans cherry pretty well finished up last weekend.  The Chickasaw plum 
thicketis still providing a quart or so of ripening plums every couple of days.
Northern highbush blueberries aren't cropping very heavily this year, but 
the rabbiteyes are loaded -still at least a couple of weeks before any of 
them begin ripening here.
Pixwell gooseberry is loaded and the kids were *supposed* to pick all those 
berries today before they get too ripe.
Very few apples again, this year.  Lodi has a fair crop, but they're all 
pretty nasty - lots of insect damage and maybe the aftermath of a heck of a 
hailstorm a while back.  None of the others have more than a half-dozen or 
so per tree, scattered here and there.
Keiffer pear has a good crop set, as do the fruiting-age Asians.  Will 
finally get a few Pineapple pears off the graft I fostered onto the Keiffer 
several years ago - now I'll get to see if it's actually the pear I recall 
from my childhood that went by the same name.  The Clapp's Favorite has set 
a good crop despite having to prune out over half of the tree to stay ahead 
of fireblight last year.
Haven't really checked any of the young pecans to see if they set any nuts 
this year.
Don't think my Thomas Myers black walnut will bear this year - had a dozen 
nuts last year.
See a few acorns set on one of the "McDaniel" BurXEnglish oaks I grafted a 
couple of years back.
My Alabama dwarf pawpaw(A.parviflora) selection, "Trash Pile" bloomed and 
set a half-dozen fruits - no other pawpaws big enough to bloom within a 
quarter mile of it.
Hardy kiwis bloomed again this year, but no fruit set - or at least, I 
couldn't find any when we were in there pruning out all the pokeweeds and 
hackberry seedlings the birds had blessed us with.

Lucky Pittman
USDA Zone 6
Hopkinsville, KY

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