[NAFEX] Re: JB's are here

longdistshtr longdistshtr at shtc.net
Fri Jun 20 15:56:16 EDT 2003

Their timing is right on. They showed up here yesterday also. Went right to
work on my  fungus ridden Santa Rosa and Methley plums. Had so many plums
(which I didn't expect ) three limbs broke down. I got enough plums to give
me a belly ache three times so I am blessed.
I should have made some umeboshi out of the plums but forgot to plant some
shiso last year.
Harvested some bamboo shoots but didn't get around to canning them in time.
Orient pear is loaded and the rabbiteyes are starting to ripen.  Had a
blueberry cobbler yesterday. Mulberries are just about gone between my
grazing and the birds foraging.  The birds have set their alarm clocks
earlier than I, so came out on the short end of the stick.
Serviceberries and Mayhaw are through.  Looking forward to muchos figs and
more belly aches.  Crabapples are loaded and a few apples will make it for
the JB's and the hurricanes to blow off. I'll get a couple of messes of
fried apple pies though.
Did you ever stop to think and forget to start again?
Doc Lisenby
Zone 7/8

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