[NAFEX] Too much rain, wind = lost apple tree

Lon J. Rombough lonrom at hevanet.com
Fri Jun 20 15:32:28 EDT 2003

By anology, tree roses and figs are grown in areas too cold for normal
survival by digging the roots loose on one side and laying the whole tree
over for the winter, to be covered with mulch or other protection.  Some
such trees have this done for years successfully.  I'd wager that if the
tree was righted and re-set, coupled with good bracing, it will recover.
-Lon Rombough

The key line, to me, is "There is some damage to the existing roots."   How
much ?   If "a lot", I'd be tempted to give up.   If medium, I'd consider
some pruning work-- starting with the branches which are going to be shaded
when you get the tree propped up (I bet you get it completely propped up).

Or, NAFEXrs, should he turn this into a horizontal tree, so that it can't
blow over again ?


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Subject: [NAFEX] Too much rain, wind = lost apple tree
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Last night's rain in combination with a steady, hard wind spelled doom for
one of my mature apple trees.  The ground is soft from a spring of heavier
then normal amount of rain and there appears to be no lateral roots on one
side of the tree.  Without that root in place and the wind coming from the
same direction the tree blew over.  There is some damage to the existing
roots.  Can this 15 to 20 year old apple(I do not know the variety or root
stock) be saved?  If so how?  Do I need to heavily prune the top to reduce
the weight of the tree and then stake or is it better to replace the tree
with something else?

Thanks in advance,
Ward Barnes
Wake, VA, costal zone 7.

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