[NAFEX] Re:yellow clover

Art Petrzelka art at complum.com
Wed Jun 18 17:52:27 EDT 2003

On Wednesday 18 June 2003 12:47, tanis cuff wrote:
> How about ID by taste ?  Wood sorrel tastes sour-tangy, clover tastes
> like... clover (except the sweet clovers are kind of peppery), I'm not sure
> what Ranunculus tastes like-- they are poisonous ?  On second thought,
> don't use this to ID unless you are sure you know the Ranunculus !

From "Wildflowers of Iowa Woodlands" Runkel & Bull, ISU Press, 1987 -
"Some buttercups are poisonous to touch and may cause blisters. Some are 
poisonous to livestock, but lose their posionous property when cut and dried 
for hay. Animals seldom eat buttercups when other forage is available, 
probably because of their bitter taste."
Art Petrzelka
Amana, Iowa 
Zone 5b

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