[NAFEX] Plum questions...

hector black hblack at twlakes.net
Wed Jun 18 11:40:55 EDT 2003

I think you've got somelthing there, Lucky.  The only reliable fruiter we
have is one I got some years ago called the "Wild Goose Plum".  It seems to
be one of the natives.  Tart red blush skin and yellow flesh that makes
wonderful jam and not bad eating if you don't mind the tart skin.  Only
problem is sends up new trees for about 15 ft. around.  I just graft them or
mow them.
    Hector Black, zone 6 middle TN

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> At 10:05 AM 6/16/2003 -0400, Gene wrote:
> >         I'm getting pretty frustrated in my plum-growing efforts here in
> >western NC (zone 6).  My Red Heart has flowered the past 3 years, but
nary a
> >plum.  Late frosts are the big problem (like most of us on the east
coast, I
> >suspect).  My Riene Claude D'Oullins is about 8 years old and hasn't yet
> >flowered. Are the Europeans slow to mature?  Are European plums generally
> >later blooming than Japanese or hybrids?  Any recommended varieties for
> >coast climate that typically experiences late freezes?
> I've got one fruit set on AU Rubrum and none on AU Homeside - both
> hybrid selections from my alma mater, Auburn University.
> Still waiting, after 8+ and 6+ years, respectively, for Green Gage and
> Peach European plums to fruit - the GG has had one branch that has bloomed
> the past two  years, but no fruit set.
> Also have another plum, from scions Lon sent me years ago - and I've lost
> the ID - don't know if it's the Burbank seedless or a numbered
> selection.  It's grafted on P.angustifolia - the only stonefruit rootstock
> I had available at the time - which is suckering profusely, but no blooms
> on that one, either.
> Have a little (expanding) clump of P.angustifolia(Chickasaw plum) that I
> rescued from the cow  pasture several  years ago.  It's got a heavy crop
> fruits.  Small, but tasty, and with minimal insect damage.  m beginning to
> think that the native is gonna be my best bet for reliable fruiting.
> Lucky Pittman
> USDA Zone 6
> Hopkinsville, KY
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