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Tue Jun 17 08:38:21 EDT 2003

Oops!  I should have looked from closer, or perhaps in better light.  
The plant that's taken over my back yard is some other low-growing 
legume, but it isn't white clover.  I think it's sometimes called 
yellow clover, although it's not a true clover.  I've had it in the 
front for years, but not in the back.  My guess is that it's the low 
light level from all the rain that gave it the edge, as the front yard 
is heavily shaded.


On Friday, June 13, 2003, at 07:55  AM, list at ginda.us wrote:

> A while ago we had a discussion about clover, and I commented that the 
> grass was taking over where I had planted white clover, and that 
> clover seems not to like drought.  (Other people had different 
> experiences, as I recall.)
> I am sitting by a window, watching the rain fall, as it has 
> interminably this year, and I noticed that the clover is making a 
> comeback.  There is some where I put it originally, and there also 
> seems to be a big patch of it where I lost a lot of grass last summer 
> to drought.  (Had crabgrass there by the end of the season.)  I didn't 
> notice any clover there last year, and clover can grow quickly, so it 
> may be a new patch.  Or perhaps there have been little struggling 
> plants for years.  Either way, it is quite welcome.
> Ginda

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