[NAFEX] Plum questions...

Thomas Olenio tolenio at sentex.net
Mon Jun 16 19:04:36 EDT 2003


There are varieties for Saskatchewan, so there should be varieties for NC.

I have been trying to find some western "cherry plums" in Ontario with no

The "cherry" refers to the size of the plum, but there are a number of
hybrids.  Some are bush form, some are free stone in various colors.

Some varieties are Heaver, Alice, Prolific, Sapa, Oka and many more.


Southwest Ontario
Canada Hardiness Zone 5b
(similar to US zone 5)

On Mon, 16 Jun 2003, Gene Spears wrote:

> 	I'm getting pretty frustrated in my plum-growing efforts here in
> western NC (zone 6).  My Red Heart has flowered the past 3 years, but nary a
> plum.  Late frosts are the big problem (like most of us on the east coast, I
> suspect).  My Riene Claude D'Oullins is about 8 years old and hasn't yet
> flowered. Are the Europeans slow to mature?  Are European plums generally
> later blooming than Japanese or hybrids?  Any recommended varieties for east
> coast climate that typically experiences late freezes?
> thanks in advance,
> gene
> spears at lmc.edu
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