[NAFEX] Plum questions...

Sam Franc franc at oregonfast.net
Mon Jun 16 12:52:56 EDT 2003

Mauch1 at aol.com wrote:

>I'm having similar frustrations here in zone 6 PA.  I have two 
>Japanese plums, Elephant Heart and Purple Heart.  They don't 
>bloom "quite" synchronously.  And one (I can't remember which 
>at the moment) blooms rather sparsely.  One of them did retain 
>a few plumlets for a while, but I think the continuous rain 
>did them in.  I grafted Santa Rosa on one tree and Shiro on  
>the other this spring to hope improve pollination going 
>forward. If I had it to over, I'd plant them together as 
>discussed in this forum previously (please see question below.)
>I've had decent luck getting Euro plums to flower, but I lost 
>Stanley (?delayed transplanting shock?), and I now have Early 
>Lambert which is not self-fertile.  Gene, you mentioned Red 
>Heart, but what are you hoping to have pollinate it?  European
>plums to my knowledge won't pollinate Japanese, and Reine 
>Claude's are generally not self-fertile (from what I've read).
I find it is useless to graft anything onto Elephant Heart.
It is so vigourous that it will overgrow or squeeze out anything else.
Also i found that I can not graft Elephant Heart on anything else I want 
to keep.
It just overpowers the original tree.
I grafted an Elephant Heart on a Dave Wilson Pluot 10 years ago.
The Pluot trunk is now about 1" and the elephant Heart is 8 inches in 
There is no new growth on the Pluot each year.
The limbs on the E H grow out 5 or 6 feet per year.
Just my experience.

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