[NAFEX] Scions and grafting

Gordon Nofs gc_nofs at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 16 10:38:07 EDT 2003

  Everything is slow here this year. I would leave them alone till 6 weeks 
after graft. Stone fruits are very touchy grafting because the buds get soft 
if in the fridge too long. I have had best luck grafting shortly after 
getting the scions. Not a easy task unless your cutting from your own or 
local trees. Also something somehow gets into the graft and gums up the 

Gordon C. Nofs
Flint, MI.

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Subject: [NAFEX] Scions and grafting
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Thanks for the info, Gordon.  Do you notice an difference in leafing out
time between apple and stone fruits?  I have pretty good success, but my
stone fruit grafts haven't shown any activity yet, and I'm suspecting
they are failures.

Ken Schramm
Troy, MI
Zone 5
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