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You have the opposite experience to me.  My Japanese persimmon trees drop almost almost all of their fruit. My saijo is 4 years old and 10 feet tall and still dropped most of it's fruit this year.  I've budded a good pollinator "chocolate" to a branch so maybe next year they all won't drop.  I've heard pollinated persimmon fruit don't drop as much.  This year I budded chocolate, brad sample,and honan red to my saijo tree.  To my unknown variety tree, I grafted fuyu, ichkekeijiro, suruga, hana fuyu, and giombo.  My neighbor's tree bears heavily, like 5 bushels every other year and still it drops quite a high percentage of fruit.

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DATE: Sun, 15 Jun 2003 16:10:43
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>We're new to kaki, so advice appreciated:
>1) Thinning.  We have fruitset on Hira Tanenashi and Hana Fuyu.  First time
>for lots of fruit.  They're about the size of a quarter now or a bit bigger.
>One branch about 2 ft long has 6 fruit.  Will these excess fruit drop on
>their own?  If not, is there a rule of thumb for kaki fruit spacing, such as
>distance apart or number of leaves per fruit?  When is best time to thin,
>that is at what size of fruit?
>2) Delayed kaki emergence after transplanting; different plants from above.
>Have noticed second time now that newly planted kaki break dormancy months
>after established plants do.  Now that they are finally growing, any ideas
>on helping them thrive thru first growing season and first winter?  
>Richard Moyer, Zone 6
>East Tennessee
>red currant-mulberry crisp last night
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