[NAFEX] kaki persimmon questions

Moyer, Richard ramoyer at king.edu
Sun Jun 15 16:10:43 EDT 2003

We're new to kaki, so advice appreciated:

1) Thinning.  We have fruitset on Hira Tanenashi and Hana Fuyu.  First time
for lots of fruit.  They're about the size of a quarter now or a bit bigger.
One branch about 2 ft long has 6 fruit.  Will these excess fruit drop on
their own?  If not, is there a rule of thumb for kaki fruit spacing, such as
distance apart or number of leaves per fruit?  When is best time to thin,
that is at what size of fruit?

2) Delayed kaki emergence after transplanting; different plants from above.
Have noticed second time now that newly planted kaki break dormancy months
after established plants do.  Now that they are finally growing, any ideas
on helping them thrive thru first growing season and first winter?  

Richard Moyer, Zone 6
East Tennessee
red currant-mulberry crisp last night

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