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What I have heard and used successfully is a scion with no more than three buds.  I carefully wrap the scion with parafilm to prevent moisture loss and wrap the graft with grafting tape including the bud.  T-budding takes only one if you are short of scions.

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>Hi Gordon,
>The 'best' scion wood length will vary from species to species and with type of 
>plant as well. My experiences are with tropical and subtropical plants. Here in 
>Florida mango, avocado, white sapote, citrus, and everything else I have ever 
>seen are done with scion wood about 6-8 inches long. Many grafters would get 
>three plants done from your 15" piece of scion wood if it were a rare variety.
>What a difference between temperate and tropicals. One of the reasons I love 
>horticulture and botany.
>You had 70F? We had 96 yesterday with rain. (I have too much empathy with 
>lobsters to eat them :) ). Like everyplace else, its either too hot, wet, dry or 
>cold here for my plants. Today at 1:30 pm its a balmy 88.9.
>Best of growing,
>Bob - SW Florida
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>>    Back in early spring there was questions of proper length to use for 
>> scion wood for grafting. I was out doing some grafting on April 14th. I had 
>> 2 scions I had cut that day that were long. These were all apple grafts to 
>> the same tree. One I grafted at 23 inches long about a 1/4 inch at the 
>> graft, the other was 15 inches long. These were splice grafts wrapped in 
>> rubber strips and only the graft covered in parafilm. I had also done couple 
>> other grafts same tree that were down to 1 bud long. All the grafts took and 
>> are growing. All the buds to the end are in leaf. Only puzzling thing was a 
>> Shiawassee apple graft done the same day I t didn't look like it was going 
>> to take. 6 weeks later all the buds are in leaf. It was a 6 inch long near 
>> 3/8ths dia. I also did another for someone else month later, and it took 
>> twice as long as other apple grafts that day.
>>   We have had a very unusual spring up till now. Lately 50s at night and we 
>> may hit 70 today.
>> Gordon C. Nofs
>> Flint, MI.
>> Zone 5
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