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Hi Gordon,

The 'best' scion wood length will vary from species to species and with type of 
plant as well. My experiences are with tropical and subtropical plants. Here in 
Florida mango, avocado, white sapote, citrus, and everything else I have ever 
seen are done with scion wood about 6-8 inches long. Many grafters would get 
three plants done from your 15" piece of scion wood if it were a rare variety.

What a difference between temperate and tropicals. One of the reasons I love 
horticulture and botany.

You had 70F? We had 96 yesterday with rain. (I have too much empathy with 
lobsters to eat them :) ). Like everyplace else, its either too hot, wet, dry or 
cold here for my plants. Today at 1:30 pm its a balmy 88.9.

Best of growing,

Bob - SW Florida
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>    Back in early spring there was questions of proper length to use for 
> scion wood for grafting. I was out doing some grafting on April 14th. I had 
> 2 scions I had cut that day that were long. These were all apple grafts to 
> the same tree. One I grafted at 23 inches long about a 1/4 inch at the 
> graft, the other was 15 inches long. These were splice grafts wrapped in 
> rubber strips and only the graft covered in parafilm. I had also done couple 
> other grafts same tree that were down to 1 bud long. All the grafts took and 
> are growing. All the buds to the end are in leaf. Only puzzling thing was a 
> Shiawassee apple graft done the same day I t didn't look like it was going 
> to take. 6 weeks later all the buds are in leaf. It was a 6 inch long near 
> 3/8ths dia. I also did another for someone else month later, and it took 
> twice as long as other apple grafts that day.
>   We have had a very unusual spring up till now. Lately 50s at night and we 
> may hit 70 today.
> Gordon C. Nofs
> Flint, MI.
> Zone 5

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