[NAFEX] clover

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Fri Jun 13 07:55:10 EDT 2003

A while ago we had a discussion about clover, and I commented that the 
grass was taking over where I had planted white clover, and that clover 
seems not to like drought.  (Other people had different experiences, as 
I recall.)

I am sitting by a window, watching the rain fall, as it has 
interminably this year, and I noticed that the clover is making a 
comeback.  There is some where I put it originally, and there also 
seems to be a big patch of it where I lost a lot of grass last summer 
to drought.  (Had crabgrass there by the end of the season.)  I didn't 
notice any clover there last year, and clover can grow quickly, so it 
may be a new patch.  Or perhaps there have been little struggling 
plants for years.  Either way, it is quite welcome.


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