[NAFEX] Surround tank mix additives

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Thu Jun 12 10:11:31 EDT 2003

FYI, we have found Surround to be tankmixable with just about any insect
control including oils. In fact, most Surround that is used commercially is
applied in a tank mix of some kind.   Organics may, for example,  wish to
tank mix with pyrethrins for KO effect on an already-established JB
infestation.  John

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All right you guys, I'd like to hear the true  confessions of all what
concoctions that have been tried in combination with  Surround!  I did
start thinking about this with my last spray.  Now  Moyer makes an oblique
reference to this and I am really curious

Michelle Horner zone 4/5 SE WI
giddy with excitement--Surround seems to be  protecting first edible crop
of apricots, sweet cherries and 3 types of  plums
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