[NAFEX] Seabuckthorn Uses

miekal and dtv at mwt.net
Wed Jun 11 16:45:33 EDT 2003

This is why I want to get a bunch more seedlings going, as I only have 
about 8-10 in my planting & want to make sure I have some males among 
them.  I know Green World sells some of the varieties selected for 
fruit, but I seem to remember them being in the $30/per plant range.  
(Have yet in my life to spend that much for a plant, even a grafted 
one.)  Im much more interested in growing out from seed myself.

As for being invasive, I've seen this discussion crop up on a number of 
lists over the years.  It grows as a thicket & its reported to spread a 
lot more readily on very sandy soils.  Permaculture folks plant it also 
for erosion control on stream banks.  Here in WI Im in the land of 
heavy clay soils, 5 year old plants are maybe 4 feet high & showing no 
signs of suckering.  It is after all in the buckthorn family, so it's 
inherited a bit of the reputation of buckthorns to get out of control.


On Wednesday, June 11, 2003, at 11:37 AM, Dean Kreutzer wrote:

>   I believe that there are male and female plants.  The cultivars from 
> Asia are vastly superior than what was introduced in Canada in the 
> 80's for use in shelterbelts.  I believe poor quality species was 
> named sinensis, if I'm not mistaken.
> Dean Kreutzer
> Regina, Saskatchewan Canada
> USDA 3

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