[NAFEX] Finus - I hope - kindly private if not :)

fuwa fuwa usagi fuwafuwausagi at muchomail.com
Wed Jun 11 13:33:44 EDT 2003

Ed Forest/Kevin Bradley wrote:

I just read my posting to the list posted earlier (about 'Mathews') I 
don't know how that was sent, that was my first draft which was later toned down considerably although not completely. (I know this sounds unlikely but I swear, I didn't mean to send THAT hot of a mesage!)

My reply:

Personally I would not worry too much about what is in the archives.    My understanding is I annoyed you for some time, and what triggered a response, that apparently you have some misgivings about, is what was intended as a private reply that I sent to the list.    In your response you illustrated some comments that I believe you misconstrued in context (my view), but realistically all this means is that two adults can interpret two entirely different things from the same statements.   And then there was that unfortunate triggering event, which apparently crystallized your suspicions in your mind.  Whatever…things happen.  People change over time; heck who knows, perhaps in 5 more years our views will be more in sync.   

Anyone pouring over the archives should possess common sense enough to know that people’s views need to be interpreted in context of the time and culture in place at the time of statement and that people evolve over time.   If people cannot understand that I would not worry about it too much; my motto is consider the source of criticism and then determine if it warrants your concern.   

Personally I admire your determination to stand up for what you believe in, although I think you misconstrued a “few things” (you also got a few things correct).    Getting me banned, I am fine with that, as I believe groups of people should be able to choose whom they associate with and the rules for that interaction.   If that is what people want I am more than happy to accommodate it.    

I guess what I am saying is, if I do not have a concern for what is in the archives, I have no idea why you would be concerned.  You called it as you saw it, you did what you thought was right – admirable in my book.    And you go down in electronic history as a man whom stood up for what he believed.

As for baiting…well if you look at he original post the culling comment was a single line in a rather lengthy post, and I got drawn into the commentary and probably should have begged off, but running from controversy is just not in my nature.  Actually it may have been a jab, but not really an intentional one.  It was sort of meant to get people to think or mull over.   Then things just sort of steam rolled when people did not take it private as I asked.   

You know yesterday I tried to write what I thought would be a very helpful post to those in the business of growing fruits and vegetables for market, as this is an area possess certain knowledge in.   But in truth “you” could read it as political, as much in life is not, and by political I am meaning the politics the evolve when you are trying to differentiate between small retail/small commercial growers and larger growers.    I read the thing a few times and discarded it, because in truth when you start an effective marketing campaign, much of that effect is gained by exploiting the unspecified perils of one group and promoting the unspecified merits of another.   Which is in essence politics and probably would offend.  

I guess I’ll say it this way, in Tuesdays USA Today the cover article (and ones similar) give rise to a rare opportunity to use passion to gain the momentum to drone out a message that increases demand and probable market share for  growers whom are not trying to dominate via economies of scale.



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