[NAFEX] Grape Vines and Japanese Beetles

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By location, I'm practically your neighbor, living between Westfield and Sheridan.  No, the Japanese beetles did not have an off year last year.  I kept them under control with Sevin dust for most of the time.  This year, we are applying diazinon to the fertilizer application in hopes of capturing the grubs before they pupate.

Milky spores are suppose to control them as well, but I'm not sure if it can be used under an "Organic" program.  Anyone have additional information on this?

Brian Raby
Sheridan, IN  zone 5b, where we are having one fantastic year picking strawberries!

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I just planted three grape vines this spring and have read that Japanese Beetles take a liking to them.  I was wondering if anyone knew if I should be real concerned about them or not.  I have only lived at my current location about a year and didn't notice a large number of them last year, but it could have been an off season for them.  I am trying to go organic with my property and would like to avoid spraying if possible.  I'm assuming that once the vines get larger they can handle minor problems, but I don't really want the find them defoliated the first year I've had them planted.  Any suggestions and/or info would be much appreciated.

Scott Williamson
central Indiana
zone 5
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