[NAFEX] Grape Vines and Japanese Beetles

Scott Williamson swilliamson at acespower.com
Wed Jun 11 12:42:09 EDT 2003

I just planted three grape vines this spring and have read that Japanese Beetles take a liking to them.  I was wondering if anyone knew if I should be real concerned about them or not.  I have only lived at my current location about a year and didn't notice a large number of them last year, but it could have been an off season for them.  I am trying to go organic with my property and would like to avoid spraying if possible.  I'm assuming that once the vines get larger they can handle minor problems, but I don't really want the find them defoliated the first year I've had them planted.  Any suggestions and/or info would be much appreciated.

Scott Williamson
central Indiana
zone 5

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