[NAFEX] Seabuckthorn Uses

Dean Kreutzer deankreutzer at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 11 12:37:16 EDT 2003

Hello All,

>Can some NAFEXER tell me what is the exact use of seabuckthorn?

Seabuckthorn is widely planted and domesticated in Russia, East Germany, 
China, Finland and we also have it here in Canada.  It was used as a source 
of Vitamin C instead of Oranges, and also there is much interest in the 
pharmacutical and hand cream industries.  I have tried the juice and 
although it does remind you of orange juice in appearance and texture, the 
flavor is definately it's own.  I did go for a second glass, so it wasn't 
too bad.

The main problem for growing as a crop is that currently it is being 
harvested by hand, which is time consuming and expensive, and can be 
painful(most have thorns).  People are working on mechanical harvesters and 
may have them in place, but I haven't kept up to date on the technology.

The plants are VERY hardy, beyond -40F, saline tolerant, and the fruits can 
be harvested in the middle of winter as they hang on the tree for that long. 
  I've seen berries that are close to the size of a US dime, and the trees 
are very, very productive.  I believe that there are male and female plants. 
  The cultivars from Asia are vastly superior than what was introduced in 
Canada in the 80's for use in shelterbelts.  I believe poor quality species 
was named sinensis, if I'm not mistaken.

Dean Kreutzer
Regina, Saskatchewan Canada

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