[NAFEX] strange bloom times/winter damage

miekal and dtv at mwt.net
Wed Jun 11 10:39:08 EDT 2003

We got about 20 below F for less than a week here this winter.  For 
this area not really all that cold but I had die back on very specific 
plants.  Everyone of my 3 year old St Croix grapes (but no other 
varieties), all of my Korean bush cherries (but none of the Nanking),  
& a running  4 ft high bamboo (phyllostachys aureosulcata?)  which was 
starting to get invasive.  As for strange bloom times, I have a persian 
lilac flowering for the first time, just now starting to form flowers & 
looks like it'll flower in about a month or so, all of the other lilacs 
here finished flowering a couple weeks ago.


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