[NAFEX] My apologies

Ed Forest edforest55 at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 11 08:24:50 EDT 2003

I just read my posting to the list posted earlier (about 'Mathews') I don't 
know how that was sent, that was my first draft which was later toned down 
considerably although not completely. (I know this sounds unlikely but I 
swear, I didn't mean to send THAT hot of a mesage!)
I THINK I share the same concern as many on this forum, which is  basically, 
to keep the forum on the topic of fruit and nuts, I must apologize for 
letting myself get sucked in to the liberal/conservative issue, Lon was 
right, it was just fuel for more problems. I have been very angry about a 
few individuals who seem to be inclined to taunt and provok division. We 
shouldn't shy away from controversy when it appears but to go looking for it 
by bringing up such topics as 'liberals vs conservatives'' (or for that 
matter, BTW,  value judgements about organic methods and the people who 
practice them) makes this an uncomfortable place to visit.

Kevin Bradley

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