[NAFEX] My apologies

Kevin Bradley kbradley at ttlc.net
Wed Jun 11 08:05:30 EDT 2003

I just read my posting to the list, I don't know how that was sent, that 
was my first draft which was later toned down considerably although not 
completely. (I know this sounds unlikely but I swear, I didn't mean to send 
that hot of a mesage!)
Many of us may share the same oomplaint basically, that it to keep the 
forum on the topic of fruit and nuts, I must apologize for letting myself 
get sucked in to the liberal/conservative issue, Lon was right, it was just 
fuel for more problems. I have been very angry about a few individuals who 
seem bent on making discussions as off topic- controversial as possible, 
even taunting, provoking. I don't think we should shy away from controversy 
when it appears but I don't think we should go looking for it either 
especially when its off topic.
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