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Tue Jun 10 09:45:35 EDT 2003

Del, The weirdosity resulting from our open and dry winter, in the prairie
style, continues for me too, even though the minimum temp of -17 F was much
milder than yours: Fedco's zone 5 'Purple Heart' plum, in its second
winter, had no dieback while 6 year old native white oak seedlings died
back variably from no damage to dead to the ground. Besides the expected
tip dieback, lots of the damage was random like on your Nankings - one
branch (on the northeast side) of a Honeycrisp, the top of Hosui dead while
the top is the only thing not dead on Shinseiki, etc. And age of the tree
didn't seem to matter. I have 2nd winter trees in the orchard and 1st
winter ones in the nursery and mortality is all over the map - Madison
peach is dead in the mulched orchard and 3 budded trees alive in the bare
ground nursery (expecting the usual snow mulch), while the opposite is true
for Reliance, and similar inconsistencies abound. Bloom time for the
half-hardy varieties is perhaps the most difficult to understand. My much
anticipated peach bloom was minimal and didn't occur until Late May, after
the plums were finished and after I had given up on them. Meanwhile, the
Marianna 2624 cuttings from my earlier posting that you alluded to,
continue to thrive while the mother plant is only just now coming back from
suckers. The frustrating thing is that, while I don't mind exchanging trees
for hardiness information, the results from this winter were so
inconsistent and disorderly that I wonder if any valid  conclusions can be
drawn. We get a winter like this every ten years or so, and when it
happens, maybe the best we can know of what to expect from it, is that we
will have to wait until spring (and summer) to see.

zone 4a

> David, I read your reply and I wouldn't have much to add yet. But it has 
> been a strange season.......
> Go back to Dave Griffin's (griffingardens) thoughtful last post regarding 
> die back etc. I've also had very wierd die back and  bloom. Some  stuff
> still just  now sneeking out of dormancy - that I figured must be dead.
> whitney crab looks dead but for the very tip of one branch.
> One half of a large nanking flowered and has 1/4" fruit while the other
> is just now blooming. I lost 2 honey golds, 2 honey crisps are hurt, but
> regent looks great, go figure, and my records show no colder than minus
> (with little snow cover).
> I will post more on this seasons' results when it I figure the jury is 
> in.Del
> Del Stubbs  www.pinewoodforge.com  ag zone2/3
> >del - it is you of the great northern fruit growing adventure isn't it?  
> >zone 2? - here is a question posted on a gardening forum that I frequent 
> >from another zone 2 fruit grower - would you care to offer an opinion on 
> >his problem? - 
> >http://forums.taunton.com/tp-overthefence/messages/?msg=4182.1
> >if you don't care to post there,  but have an opinion,  I'd be happy to 
> >pass it on - regards,  DOUD
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