[NAFEX] More Peaches Drop

Don Yellman dyellman at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 9 00:00:38 EDT 2003


It did not occur to me that you might be talking about very young peach 
trees, perhaps having set their first crops of peaches.  If that is the 
case, fruit drop at a very early stage is normal.  The trees will start 
to hold their fruit when they are ready to do so, and you will easily 
notice the difference, since they begin to grow very quickly.  That is 
also when you should start to thin so that the peaches can reach their 
design size and quality, rather than wait for natural drop.  Whether 
seedling trees will produce really good peaches is a tossup, although I 
have a tree that grew from a Lovell rootstock that does produce 
excellent peaches.

If you decline to utilize 'cides of any kind, you may have some 
interesting encounters with the oriental fruit moth.  This insect is 
hard enough to keep off the peaches even when using available chemical 
assistance.  OFM is my least favorite insect.

Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA

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