[NAFEX] Changing jobs

Jill Vorbeck bewilderedbutterfly at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 8 22:29:24 EDT 2003

Fluffy wrote:
"Somehow I suspect unless you are unusually headstrong
family and friend support is critical."

Unusually headstrong?  Us? (OK, Ed, now that you've
had your laugh of the day, get up off the floor!)

Actually, our families thought we were bonkers and
we'd moved 200 miles away from our old friends.  So I
guess we were headstrong!

The hardest adjustment was missing the stimulation of
spending at least 8 hours per day surrounded by a
group of people we shared a lot of common background
and interests with. Most of our associates around here
aren't "like us." And Fluffy was right when he said
that fruit growers don't get no respect.  I recently
heard a commentator on NPR predict that someone might
end up "selling apples on the street" -- as though
that's as low as you could possibly fall!

Some of the best support in our early years here came
from much appreciated encouragement from fellow
NAFEXer's, Bob Kurle and Robert Nitschke. 

This life is not for everyone. We don't have children;
that surely would have changed the equation.  But for
us, it's been a good life.  A major influence in our
decision to make the move was "Living the Good Life"
by Scott and Helen Nearing.  

Jill Vorbeck


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