[NAFEX] spring hopes

Doreen Howard doreenh at ticon.net
Sun Jun 8 14:22:38 EDT 2003

Spring hopes in So. Wisconsin.

Grapes: Machael Foch is in its 3rd year and loaded with clusters.

White currant: Blanka is also loaded with fruit.

Strawberries:  Tristar and Ozark Beauty plants are loaded with berries,
which are about 10 days away from coloring.

Blueberries:  Maine Wild and Patriot flowered profusely, and signs of berry
set are evident.  Too soon to say how heavy the crop will be.  This is also
their 3rd year.

Rhubarb:  Elmblizt is huge this spring.  One plant is 5 feet in diameter.

Cornus mas:  Don't know variety, as Lon sent it to me.  First year to flower
and set fruit.  Cherries are about the size of a small olive.

Pears:  Muscat has fireblight.  I cut off all offending material with shears
dipped in 10 percent bleach and then dabbed the solution of the cuts.  Le
Nain Vert stands next to the blighted tree and shows no signs of
infestation.  These are 2nd year trees in 10-gallon nursery cans.  Both are
natural dwarfs--3 feet or so in height and width.

Schizandra:  Lots of flowers with few berries set.  And, they fell off.
Vine is in its 2nd year.

Doreen Howard
So. WI, where it's been raining all May and now June.

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