[NAFEX] spring hopes

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Sun Jun 8 09:02:02 EDT 2003

Grapes:  I'm all excited,  Despite our soggy cold spring, my Canadice 
grape vine looks very happy.  Last year it had one or two fruiting 
tendrils that all shriveled up and fell off.  This year nearly every 
growing point has the start of a fruiting tendril.  Maybe I'll get a 
crop!  Even if half of them fall off, it would be lots of fruit.  
(Also, I was careful to keep the corn gluten away from its base this 
year, so its soil shouldn't be as nitrogen-rich as last year.  That 
might help, too.)

Strawberries:  I picked a red, ripe strawberry yesterday!  As some of 
you might recall, this is a rarety in my garden, as the chipmunks 
usually get them when they turn white.  Lots more coming - we'll see 
how it goes.  It may help that the cat likes to lounge on the 
flagstones in the garden.

(On a sadder note, one of my cats was killed a month ago by a larger 
animal.  He wouldn't come in at night, and that seems to be when it 
happened.  No idea what animal it might have been.  The cat was badly 
wounded on the haunch, but the whole body was found, which seems 
unlikely for coyote prey.  The remaining cat still goes outside during 
the day, but her curfew is a couple hours earlier than it was.  She may 
end up an indoor cat - unlike the deceased male, she would probably 
adjust to that.  Although she has taken to trying to sneak out.)

Currants:  Despite the non-stop rain, the currant bushes have all set 
large crops.  Last year the chipmunks and birds got all of it, but 
there may be enough to share this year.

Blueberries:  Heavy bloom, but I'm not sure how much fruit set.  The 
steady rain may be more problematic for them than for the currants.  
The Rubel is still holding half its blossoms, which I assume means they 
haven't been pollinated yet.  Friday was a fine warm day, so perhaps 
some bees visited.

eastern MA, zone 6, with a fully restored water table after last year's 

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