[NAFEX] Is anyone steering the ship?

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Sun Jun 8 01:41:05 EDT 2003

The list is unmoderated, and the administration, in case you hadn't noticed, 
is fairly laisser faire.  While there is the ability to ban people from the 
list, I think there is more being made of this whole thing than is 
warranted.  I, too, have been wondering if I have been missing something.

I am sorry if anyone's feelings were hurt, but basically some gossip that 
was intended as a private message got posted to the whole group.  I have to 
admit I skimmed over most of these messages, but I think there was even an 
apology about posting what was intended to be a private message to the list.

This is not the first time I have seen this happen on email lists, although 
it has always been on other lists.  I guess I subscribe to different lists, 
because I haven't seen anyone banned over it.

How about getting back to discussion of fruits and nuts?

(mostly lurking) administrator

>On other lists I am on the moderators have banned listers for less
>than this.

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