[NAFEX] Suggest we warn Kevin M

Ed Forest edforest55 at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 7 22:55:03 EDT 2003

Kevin Mathew's past posts have often taunted with a political purpose, one 
of his messages contained a threat to another member, one or more has 
contained  a "more-than -we- want-to know- about- his- personal-life" 
message,  (flaunting who he slept with or didn't sleep with the night 
before, a redhead if I recall), but the last post where we had to read 
outright homophic attacks is just too much. What is this Middle School! I 
hope I am not the only one who would like to visit this list to hear a 
mature respectful, adult discussion about fruit exploration, and not hear 
this kind of garbage. I thnk that if there are others who are also concerned 
then we should write to the list moderator and suggest that he go through 
the process of warning Mathews about this with threat of banning from list. 
I for one am completely fed up with his playground attacks and constant 
attempts to guard the bounderies of his purported heterosexuality and 
corporate politics. These things just don't belong here and now its obvious 
why he is so frequently taunting, it is based on an underlying hatred, this 
is just ridiculous we should even have to address such an infantile issue 
but if we don't pursue this he will continue. Much as I would like to ignore 
his posts they are often found in other's posts and I, quite by accident, 
end up reading them. So, if you agree, please make a post on what the 
procedure is, how to write to the moderator, what the rules are, is Mathews 
breaking them and if not lets make some new rules in order to keep this a 
pleasant place to visit.
Kevin Bradley

In case you missed it, here is an exerpt from his latest, which he claims 
was sent by accident:
But if you think I >would back down from an argument with a bunch of gutless 
pansies you have >to be kidding. In truth even if the opposition did not 
consist of a bunch >of limp-wristed fairies I would not back down.

Kevin Bradley

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