[NAFEX] Bradford pear seedlings as invasive species

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Sat Jun 7 06:17:16 EDT 2003

'Bradford' and perhaps other callery seedlings of Bradford may not be a "problem" much longer.  I started seeing severe fireblight in a row of Bradfords near the RDU airport a few years ago and this year I've seen more blight-stricken Bradfords in neighborhoods.  It would not surprise me to learn that E. amylovora had mutated to form a new strain that infects formerly resistant callerys.

I hope that I am mistaken and these infected trees are actually seedlings of a susceptible callery strain that were mislabelled (but I doubt it considering the dominance of Bradford in the nursery trade).


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> > Ray, I saw the same thing as I traveled down I-95 near Baltimore this
>spring. There were thousands of trees with with blooms, and though I did
>not stop and examine them, I was sure that they were seedling pears,
>probably Bradfords. Most were in fields along the highway but many were
>out onto the "right-of-way". This is going to be a major problem in the
>near future.

When this subject came up briefly a year or so ago I cut down the 15
pears growing in my pastures.  They were very thorny, lot of flowers,
virtually no fruit that I could discern, up to 6 inches in trunk diameter.
I see several along other farm fields in the Spring.

Jim Nottke
Pfafftown, NC 27040
Hardiness Zone 7A

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