[NAFEX] "Bartlett" pears in the south

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Re: [NAFEX] "Bartlett" pears in the southWe have all been victims of this either careless or intentional mis-labeling. Better to obtain known scions and regraft.
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  Wouldn't you love to dunk a few executives of such companies in rotten fruit.  I cringe to think of how many mislabled trees that is going to make in the years ahead.  Though with luck they will all die before they can add to the confusion.  Obviously, I am no fan of places that sell deliberately mislabled stock.

      I talked to David

    Lockwood again a month or two back, and he told me that the McMinnville
    nurserymen sell all their leftover fruit trees at a discount to the big
    discount chains.  They are generally asked not to put labels on the trees,
    as the chain will supply their own.  As you can well imagine, that is
    Bartlett labels for all the pears, Elberta for all the peaches, Golden or
    Red Delicious for all the apples, hmm, what would they have for plums?  You
    get the idea anyway.   Donna


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