[NAFEX] Question posed - Surround for grasshopper control

John.Mosko at engelhard.com John.Mosko at engelhard.com
Fri Jun 6 10:57:58 EDT 2003

We moved a truckload of Surround WP in the Dallas area last season.  When I
asked the distributor what much of it was used for he said, "grasshoppers."

Best results are seen with Surround when applications are made prior to
infestation to deter the early feeding. This is because some insects will
excrete aggregating pherimones that attract others of their type to a
favorable plant.  Japanese beetles (JB) are known for this.  That's why you
see JB's congregating on the same plants.   Interestingly, many species
will not go back to a plant that they have previously rejected.

For JB, apply before adult JB's are emerge; generally, you want to apply in
mid to late June.  Actual emergence occurrs from late June to early July in
most of the country.


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