[NAFEX] changing jobs - fruit interests

mark wessel growyourown at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 5 23:04:27 EDT 2003

on 6/5/03 11:50 AM, Mauch1 at aol.com at Mauch1 at aol.com wrote:

Oh no,lets not go there again. Anyway the fluffster was most likely scolded
off list. He wont be biting on that thread again.

Mark southern Ohio, black currants close, Amelanchier nearly finished

> (*WARNING* this section off-topic)
>  Though I'd like
> to know what liberal concepts you find to be stupid, and
> although I've been a registered Republican since I could
> vote (I find myself lately calling myself the last liberal
> Republican), I find the current batch of conservatives in
> power to be highly disturbing in that I see them increasing
> the differential between rich and poor, and very possibly
> destroying our world for the future.

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