[NAFEX] "Bartlett" pears in the south

Kieran and Donna redherring at tnaccess.com
Thu Jun 5 20:05:17 EDT 2003

  Topgun asked:
Don't you have fireblight in KY? I have not seen a bearing Bartlett in the
south - there may be some - I just have not seen any in 71 years.

Dr. David Lockwood of UTK told me back in the 1980's that he'd never seen a
Bartlett last more than 4 yrs in Tennessee.  But many many people have
bought pears with the "Bartlett" label on them from Walmart, Lowes, and
their local hardware.  If they are lucky the trees are actually Kieffers and
thus won't die back to rootstock.  Now that I think of it, I talked to David
Lockwood again a month or two back, and he told me that the McMinnville
nurserymen sell all their leftover fruit trees at a discount to the big
discount chains.  They are generally asked not to put labels on the trees,
as the chain will supply their own.  As you can well imagine, that is
Bartlett labels for all the pears, Elberta for all the peaches, Golden or
Red Delicious for all the apples, hmm, what would they have for plums?  You
get the idea anyway.   Donna

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