[NAFEX] organic grasshopper control, Tenn style

Kieran and Donna redherring at tnaccess.com
Thu Jun 5 19:54:26 EDT 2003

Dean from Regina, Saskatchewan asked:
>Has anyone tried surround for control of grasshoppers?  We have had 2 years
>of bad infestations, and this year it is projected to be severe.  As an
>organic grower, I'm hoping that surround will work for me.

Down here in Tennessee, we don't have grasshopper problems as long as we
grow tomatoes or potatoes.  Blister beetles feed on the plants and then go
search out grasshopper eggs to lay their eggs on.  All organic, and takes no
work on my part except for the cussing and drowning of excess blister
beetles.  Plus the occasional large painful blister every few years when
someone gets one down their shirt or caught in their sock.  Don't know if
they would survive your winters, but if you asked around you might find they
are already in your area, and just need a few potato plants to bring them to
your place.  ( I guess I am not supposed to mail you a start of them)  Donna

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