[NAFEX] Fireblight in the south

Richard O'Barr aatopgunaa at mindspring.com
Wed Jun 4 12:53:08 EDT 2003

Very interesting! Mayhaws just finished production, the TX Star (or TX V)
was beautiful as was the O'Barr collosal. Goumi just finished bearing here
in Zone 7 and Blackberries, tame, just starting.
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> Topggun wrote:
> "Don't you have fireblight in KY? I have not seen a bearing Bartlett in
> south - there may be some - I just have not seen any in 71 years."
> I've heard the (half?)joke that Western pear growers want Easterners to
> continue believing that fireblight prevents Eastern pear production.
> Here in Tennessee, I know of decades old Bartletts, regular bearers, which
> do get hit by blight on occasion, losing 1-2 year old growth.  But these
> Bartletts are not being pushed with nitrogen to get fruit to market
> and return on capital.
> Several eastern orchardists have remarked easier blight management in
> than apples.  Blight damage can be minimized with planning and execution.
> Through careful cultivar choice (such as Warren, Potomac, Blake's Price,
> etc; others in far south) genetic resistance works in our favor, as does
> management to minimize excess new growth.  In my small orchard, the Asian
> pear 'Korean Giant' is more blight resistant than any of my 'highly
> resistant' apples, and is one of my most vigorous trees.
> Paul Eastabrook of Virginia Gold Orchards pushes their Asian pears with
> chicken manure, but removes blight as soon as it appears.
> More info on fireblight at my article "Pears for the Carolinas", found at
> www.king.edu/faculty/moyer
> Richard Moyer
> East Tenn--Goumi now ripening
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