[NAFEX] pears with thorns?

JRobbFarm at aol.com JRobbFarm at aol.com
Tue Jun 3 13:46:11 EDT 2003

Hi,  I am new to the list and to NAFEX,  have a minifarm in Kentucky and am 
establishing a small mixed orchard.
 About 7 yrs ago, I grew a seedling pear from a tree in Ohio that had great 
(yeah, I know...now.).  The tree has done well, vigorous, hardy, leaves more 
oval and serrated than cultivated pears, and has 1 1/2 inch needle sharp 
thorns . It has never flowered so it may be a sterile hybrid of who knows what.  
Does anyone know if wild pears or some existing cultivars have thorns?  Living 
in Kentucky, I consider nasty thorns a real plus for a fruit tree.  Deer 
pressure is unbelievable here.  I grafted the tree last year with bartlett and again 
with potomac and moonglow this year.
Grafts have done terrific, and actually have bartlett pears this year. 
zone 6

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