[NAFEX] Strawberries, First season

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Mon Jun 2 08:01:19 EDT 2003

On Sunday, June 1, 2003, at 06:47 PM, Dylan Ford wrote:

> Daer Folks,   I planted some strawberries this Spring, four varieties, 
> and
> not all that long ago. Almost all of the plants are presenting 
> blossoms, and
> I don't recall that happening in the past from first year plants. Is 
> this
> typical? For the longterm health of the plants should one prevent them 
> from
> fruiting the first season? Thanks.   dylan
Yes, it's typical. If they're Junebearers, I'd pinch the blossoms off 
the first spring -- go through now, and again in a week or two as there 
may be more. This will let the plants develop better, and this year's 
fruit (on Junebearers) would probably not be much good anyway as the 
plants are most likely too small to support the crop.

If they're day neutral or everbearing varieties, as I think Doreen's 
Tristar and Ozark Beauty are, you don't need to pinch blossoms all 
season, just for I think about six weeks aftr planting (I don't grow 
these types, so defer to advice from those who do), and you can then let 
them bear later in the season when the plants are better established.

Finger Lakes NY zone 5 mostly

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