[NAFEX] Re: Red Rabbiteye Blueberry Leaves

Don Yellman dyellman at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 1 15:11:07 EDT 2003

longdistshtr wrote:
> Seems like I read somewhere that Rabbiteye Blueberries were discovered 
> in Georgia years ago.
> Mine have always produced leaves that are about the color of Silver 
> Dollar Eucalyptus leaves (dusky light green).  They turn reddish around 
> November or December kinda like FireThorn and about the same color 
> (bright scarlet). I have had at least two plants which exhibit chlorosis 
> (very light yellowish green) regularly and don't respond to sulphur, 
> peat, wood ashes, or azalea fertilizer. They look healthy and produce 
> berries.  I thought the trace elements would be a furnished by the 
> azalea fertilizer but after it produced no color change, I just quit 
> trying.  The soil is about 6.6 pH.
> Northern Blueberries survive here but don't produce enough for the space 
> or care.
> I have Brightwell, Woodard, Tifblue,  Blue Ray(highbush), Climax and 
> Blue Crop (northern) and can't tell them apart. Nursery descriptions are 
> written by folks with vivid imaginations. I'm culling out the Blue Ray  
> and Blue Crop this year.
> It may be that the red color of leaves is due to some nutrient 
> deficiency up there.  May be that they like lousy soil or fire ant 
> excrement.
> Doc Lisenby
> Zone 7/8 (SC)
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If you want to get that soil PH down below 6.6, try iron sulfate.  Wood 
ashes are highly alkaline, and would have the opposite effect.  I never 
got much effect out of sulfur or aluminum sulfate, which can also turn 
you into a partly aluminum person when you eat the berries.  Mulching 
with pine needles is also a good practice with blueberries.

Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA

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