[NAFEX] Making our own pectin

HDessureault inter.verbis at videotron.ca
Sun Jun 1 13:19:40 EDT 2003

I make my own pectin every year from any type of green apples. Underripe
apples are higher in pectin. You should use peels, cores and stems left over
after peeling or the entire underriped apple, quartered.
You basically cook the apples and apple trimmings covered with water to
prevent sticking and then hang the cooked mash into a cheese cloth bag (or
any clean cotton cloth will do) to drip into a large bowl. The juice
collected after 12 hours or so of dripping is the pectin. I usually let the
pectin drip overnight and can it in mason jars the next morning.
You can use this pectin right away, the same way you would use commercial
pectin or preserve this pectin into sealed mason jars to be used later. I
generally use more pectin than what the recipe calls for because I generally
have plenty and I like to use less sugar.
I have kept pectin for two years in well sealed mason jars and I am sure it
could be kept longer under good conditions such as a dark and cool storage.
Once you open a sealed mason jars, you can save the left over pectin in the
fridge for about three weeks.
Home made apple pectin generally taste better than the commercial product,
contains no preservative and is so much cheaper.
You can of course make apple jelly any time of the year, when you have your
own pectin.

Hélène, in zone 3 where there is plenty of apples but no quinces.
As an after though, as anyone ever used pears?

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