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Sun Jun 1 14:33:37 EDT 2003

Seems like I read somewhere that Rabbiteye Blueberries were discovered in Georgia years ago.
Mine have always produced leaves that are about the color of Silver Dollar Eucalyptus leaves (dusky light green).  They turn reddish around November or December kinda like FireThorn and about the same color (bright scarlet). I have had at least two plants which exhibit chlorosis (very light yellowish green) regularly and don't respond to sulphur, peat, wood ashes, or azalea fertilizer. They look healthy and produce berries.  I thought the trace elements would be a furnished by the azalea fertilizer but after it produced no color change, I just quit trying.  The soil is about 6.6 pH.
Northern Blueberries survive here but don't produce enough for the space or care.
I have Brightwell, Woodard, Tifblue,  Blue Ray(highbush), Climax and Blue Crop (northern) and can't tell them apart. Nursery descriptions are written by folks with vivid imaginations. I'm culling out the Blue Ray  and Blue Crop this year.
It may be that the red color of leaves is due to some nutrient deficiency up there.  May be that they like lousy soil or fire ant excrement. 
Doc Lisenby
Zone 7/8 (SC)
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