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Has anyone else had difficulty applying Surround ( the organic, clay powder 
used on fruit trees)? Both sprayers I have tryed have clogged very quickly. I 
have used 1/2 lb per gallon as per Plants Alive and each pressurized sprayer 
has clogged. Is there a trick that I don't know? Shoud I just dump some Surround 
in my manual duster and say the heck with water? After all lately it rains 
every day anyway.
ted siegan, zone 6
Arlington, Ma  >>

Hi. I use 1/2 lb as recommended by John Mosko of Englehard. However. I mix 
the solution  thoroughly in a separate container and then pour in sprayer. I 
keep the solution well agitatged throughout the spraying. Waite Maclin, Pastor 
Chuck Orchards, Cushing, Maine. 

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