[NAFEX] Early apple

Richard J. Ossolinski osso at acadia.net
Thu Jan 30 00:02:15 EST 2003

Mike (and others who might be close enough to attend),

The 2003 Fedco Trees catalog includes this invitation:

"Please join us Sunday, March 30, 2003 at the Maine Tree Crop Alliance annual
scionwood exchange and grafting workshop in the exhibition hall of the MOFGA
permanent site in Unity [ME]"

I can tell you without reservation that your interest and enthusiasm are much
more important to this event than any scionwood you might or might not bring; 
and  the workshops and demos are truly 1st class.  No times are listed, but in
past years the event has run from 12-4 p.m.

Regarding Williams Pride: it ripens here on the coast during the first two
weeks in August, so I imagine it would be at least a week earlier where you
are.  I've never had problems with Bitter Pit, but I do see some water core
from time to time, last year being worse than usual but still not much of a
problem.  Having been both pleased and disappointed by trees from virtually
every nursery from which I've ordered, I hesitate to recommend any one in
particular; but, as a quick Google search will reveal, WP is widely available.
 Hope to see you at the scion exchange.

Michael Glassford wrote:
> Limited space is definitely a factor, and I'd probably be more interested in
> the Williams Pride anyway, especially since it has gotten a couple of other
> recommendations here. About when would you say it generally ripens? And
> where would you recommend getting it?
> As for the scion exchange, can you tell me more about it (when, where,
> etc.)? I don't have much to bring until next year or the year after, but I'd
> certainly be interested in coming.
> Mike
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> > Mike,
> > Williams Early Red is the first to ripen here in Gouldsboro.  Diligent
> > thinning will produce decent size, fully colored (red) fruit that is
> highly
> > flavored (almost vinous) and makes a tasty and beautiful applesauce.  Its
> > soft, mealy texture is unpleasant to my palate, but it IS an early
> ripener,
> > and the sauce IS both pretty and good.  If limited space were a factor I'd
> opt
> > for Williams Pride, which is only a week or two later here and is a far
> > superior apple in every regard, and also immune to scab.
> > Richard
> > Gouldsboro, ME Zone 5
> > (P.S. Will you be attending the scion exchange in March?)

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