[NAFEX] Meeting Dates

Dr. Ethan Natelson natelson at pipeline.com
Tue Jan 28 20:51:24 EST 2003

Dear Richard,

     You had asked about the dates of the 2003, and 2004, NAFEX meetings.  I
have included below the dates of the upcoming Southern Fruit Fellowship(SFF)
meetings too.

     The next SFF meeting is July 31-Aug 3, 2003, in Elizabeth City, NC.
The coordinator is Thomas M. Campbell who is the Agricultural Extension
Agent there. The local university will also be involved.  The 2004, SFF
meeting will be in Clarksville, AR, around the first or second week in June.
Dr. Clark will attend and speak at the meeting but the local coordinator
will be Dan L. Chapman, who runs the experimental station in Clarksville. 

     The next NAFEX meeting is Aug 21-23, 2003 in Concord, NH with Victoria
Caron in charge.  There should be additional information in upcoming issues
of Pomona.  The 2004, meeting is in Colombia, MO on July 18-21.  Jerry
Lehman is our representative from NAFEX.  This meeting will be a joint
meeting with the nutgrower society and should be very well attended.  With
meetings in various areas of the country, we hope we can interest members
who do not like to travel far.

                                   Regards, Ethan

                                Regards, Ethan 


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