[NAFEX] Re: Bushel baskets/census : Processing Issues

nottke nottke1 at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 22 19:14:52 EST 2003

Chris, - If you spread the word that you are in the market for an old, but
still working, refrigerator or two, you will have an easily maintained,
adjustable temperature storage unit or two (or three) with little effort on
your part.  No bugs, no rodents. - Jim

>One other thought I had:
>Could I wall off and insulate a part of my basement and install a room air
>conditioner to cool off that room?  I probably would need to run some sort
>of humidifier as well.  The AC exhaust would go into the rest of the
>basement.  Any thoughts on the viability of this?  It would probably
>challenge my construction and technical skills.
>Chris Mauchline
>SE PA, zone 6

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