[NAFEX] Failures

Mauch1 at aol.com Mauch1 at aol.com
Wed Jan 22 14:01:28 EST 2003

I'm listing a few here.  Some aren't necessarily complete failures, but I haven't had success yet.

Amelanchiers - Attempted these at my old home.  Had varieties Jennybelle and xGrandiflora.  Terrible problems with rust and (particularly the Jennybelle) would get terrible deforming galls/cankers.  Would like to try these again someday.

Citrus in pots - these grew perfectly well for me, but hauling these in and out at season changes and keeping them constantly watered, it was way too much work for very little output.

Figs - Have had Petite Negri and Chicago Hardy, in pots and a Chicago Hardy in the ground.  For the potted ones have learned that I'm not repotting often enough.  Very little production.  With minor protection during mild winters can get a nice crop for planted in Chicago Hardy.  Way to much work to bend over and cover.  In harder winters it is frozen to ground.

Pineapple Guava - Too early to say as yet.

Northern Spy - I've attempted to graft this many times, but something has always gone wrong.  Does anyone else have a variety that for some reason they can't get started?

I have one variety of red raspberry that is so late, that it only comes into production when the frosts arrive, so I plan 
to eventually take these out.  In general caneberries have done very well for me.

Blueberries were a failure for me until I learned to replace half the soil in the planting hole with peat moss.  Now a big success for me.

Jujube - One tree (Li?) died for me.  Never replaced. Would like to try again sometime.

Persimmon - Purchased one Kaki.  In 2nd year leaved out but died later that summer.  Grafted Shojatsu onto purchased D. virginia rootstock.  Tree languished under too much shade for 2-3 years.  Did not leaf out after transplanting this year.  Late into fall rootstock threw up some growth.  Have multi-grafted two other (large) D. virginia rootstock (Kaki, hybrid, and native).  Am going to attempt transplanting them this Spring.  

Apricot - am in the interest group.  Am attempting some varieties that may work better, but thus far on a "Goldcot" (I think) I have gotten 1 (good!) fruit in 2 years.  Am also looking into some "frost sprays"  and ways to delay bud break.

Peach - Have been attempting to graft these for years.  May have gotten my first successful bud grafts this fall.  We'll see this Spring.

Plums - Japanese have been frozen out the last two years.  Am trying some European varieties.

Ribes (Gooseberries, red currants, and Jostaberry) - I can successfully raise these, but no one wants to eat them.  

Kiwi, Hardy - Haven't had much of a crop yet at my old planting.  Am attempting again with a proper trellis to see if it goes better.

Chris Mauchline
SE PA, zone 6

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