[NAFEX] Re: Bushel baskets/census : Processing Issues

Mauch1 at aol.com Mauch1 at aol.com
Tue Jan 21 14:02:19 EST 2003

>Chris Mauchline asks how many bushel baskets to buy. My recommendation
>would be to start scouring garage sales and collecting apple crates. 
>They hold a true bushel (that can be helpful when you take them to the
>press. since it sounds like you're in it for the cider), 

I should correct the record, that although I said "basket" in 
my earlier message, I was actually looking into bushel 
crates.  I think I just mentally put "bushel" w/ "basket".  So 
I still need to figure the volume of storage I'll need.

I'm thinking about cider only because I believe I'm going to 
produce far more apples than I can consume directly.  But I'm 
also going to have a storage issue.  I don't own a "root 
cellar".  My basement, because of my furnace and air ducts is 
quite warm in the winter [w/ the A/C it is quite cool in the 
summer].  I don't have direct basement access so I don't have 
a "Bilco door" that I've seen used for winter time cool 
storage.  My garage is attached, but becomes close to the 
winter temps outside (and is too warm early in the season).  
So some of the apples can be processed for applesauce, and a 
small amount for pre-made pie filling and canned or frozen 
(when a freezer is purchased).  Some can be dried.  And some 
can be turned into cider.  But I'd like to keep some of the 
keepers for winter eating.  Any thoughts on how to create some 
ability to store the apples?


Chris Mauchline
SE PA, zone 6

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