[NAFEX] pinenut New Years surprise

Mark Lee markl at nytec.com
Mon Jan 20 10:10:32 EST 2003

A pine cone which I brought in to brighten up the house around New Years had
a surprise for me yesterday.  This cone was from an Italian stone pine,
Pinus pinea, that I wanted to propogate.  It produces big seeds that make
good snacking.  This cone had been in the house about 3 weeks.  A few months
cold and wet, followed by 3 weeks of warm caused some of the pinenuts to
sprout right on the cone.  At first I though it was mold, but looking closer
I saw the sprouts.  I would call those seeds very viable.  Now all I have to
do is wait 10-15 years and I will get some pinenuts out of these.
-Mark Lee, Seattle z7

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