[NAFEX] Canadians Unite!

David.Maxwell at dal.ca David.Maxwell at dal.ca
Thu Jan 16 20:25:02 EST 2003

I submitted this rather lengthy message to the list 4 days ago, but 
it does not seem to have appeared at the other end, so I will try 
again.  If it did make it to the list and just didn't appear on my e-
mail, please forgive me (or maybe send me a message to tell me 
that it did actually get posted)

Several - related - things:  1) Martin Waterman, who has been  
listed as the Canadian source person for 7 or 8 years disappeared  
a couple of years ago - reputedly to one of the Gulf Islands off the  
coast of BC.  He is not in Peticodiac, and hasn't been for several  
years.  Does anybody know his whereabouts?  Is he still doing the  
Canadian sources thing?   2) I am looking for a number of old  
French varieties with a goal of establishing an orchard on the site of 
 the first French settlement in North America with varieties which  
Simon de Rasilly might have brought with him in 1632. (We know  
that deRasilly planted apples in the first year of settlement to  
supply the colony with cyder, but have no record of the exact  
varieties, so are going for French varieties which are known to pre- 
date 1630)  I have a list of varieties (obtained, interestingly enough  
from a descendant of  Simon).  If you will bear with me, I append it: 

(Dates are date of introduction or date of first mention in French  
The principal ones we are looking for  are:  

Calville rouge d'hiver (1628)  
Fenouillet gris (syn. Pomme d'Anis, Fenouillet roux) (1608)  
Fenouillet Jaune (1608)  
Patte de Loup (syn Pomme de Loup) (1598)  
Rateau (before 1540)  

(These were the most widely grown varieties at this time, and   
hence the most likely for de Rasilly to have taken with him.)  

Other French varieties extant prior to 1630:  

Api Noir (1608)  
Belle Fille (1600)  
Calville Rose (1544)  
Chataignier (1536)  
Coeur de Boeuf (1533)  
Courpendu gris (before 1500)  
Double Rose (1628)  
Drap d'Or (de Bretagne) (1622)  
Pigeonnet Blanc (1598)  
Pomme glac (1567)  
Pomme-Poire (syn. Giradotte) (1586)  
Rambour d'ete (syn. R. Blanc, Notre Dame) (1535)  
Rambour d'Hiver (1628)  
Reinette Blanche (1540)  
Reinette Musquee (1608)  
Rose de Benanger (Beranger?) (1628)  
Royal Russe (1557)  

(I am sorry, I am not sure how to get accents on the e's in the e-  
mail client, but I am sure you can fill them in appropriately)  

Do any Canadian members, East of the Rockies, have any of  
these? (Movement of scion wood between BC and the rest of the  
Canada is restricted.  They have apple ermine moth; we have  
coddling moth.  Neither wants the other.  It can however be done if  
the need is great enough - requires inspection at both ends by  
AgCan inspectors.) 

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